June 13th, 2014

Victor Douieb just returned from diving with Fiji's Beqa Adventure Divers (BAD) which easily lived up to its name as well as its motto, "The best shark dive in the world!"

"It was truly an adventure," said Victor, "and BAD's professionalism was second to none. It's hard to be diving surrounded by 60 huge bull sharks and not feel a little scared but with all the training and briefings before the dive and BAD's excellent safety divers, I felt very safe."

Well familiar with BAD, whose stellar reputation as one of Fiji's two dive operations has long been established, this was Victor's first experience diving with them. "The last time I was in Fiji I was unable to work with Mike Neumann and his crew but I'd met him at dive shows. When I sculpted my Fiji Bull Shark, Mike was very helpful, sending me photos and giving very useful information and feedback."

BAD's founder and director, Mike Neumann is known for being an extremely knowledgeable and no-nonsense guy, especially when the safety of his clients is involved. An ardent marine conservationist who'd once been a Swiss investment banker, Neumann has been instrumental in not just the conservation of the eight different species of sharks in and around Fiji's renown Shark Reef Marine Reserve, but the entire ecosystem within which they now thrive in growing numbers.

BAD also understands that from a larger macroeconomic perspective, ensuring the economic health of the local villages and its people is equally important. The dive operation established an education trust fund and internships for locals, often hiring them once they graduate. He's helped the villagers understand that from the standpoint of shark tourism the long term value of these ocean inhabitants far exceeds any immediate gain enjoyed by fishing the animals.

Proof that this macro-ecology theory is working can been found in the burgeoning population of bull sharks and other species of fish which have begun to repopulate the reefs within the sanctuary.

BAD's divers also serve an important role in the collection of critical research metrics that track among other variables seasonal and long term changes in the relative abundance of the shark species native to the area. Data collected between 2003 and 2010 has shown a steady increase in bull sharks currently boasting 150 named animals.

For a true shark diving adventure while simultaneously helping support one the world's important marine ecosystems, book a dive package with Beqa Adventure Divers.