Victor douieb

Epic Diving’s Cat Island Sculpting Event

In April, 2012, sculptor Victor Douieb traveled to Cat Island, Bahamas to join Dr. Vincent Canabal, M.D. and his wife Debra Canabal, Ph.D, owners of the dive company Epic Diving, in their fight to save the Oceanic Whitetip shark. The Oceanic is one five species of sharks commonly found in the waters that surround the tiny 48-mile long island just 130 miles southeast of Nassau.

The week-long dive expedition was a special event that featured the sculptor as special guest, during which he made six dives – at one point swimming with four Oceanics and a Blue shark – and began working on a new piece while the other members of the expedition looked on. He also signed copies of his book “Solid, Liquid, Modern and Ancient: The Sculptures of Victor Douieb” which were included as part of the dive package.

Read more about Victor’s Epic Diving event¬†on his news page.

Fellow diver and videographer Peter Venoutsos documented the trip and created this short video.